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Apollo IE

Images by Bas Fransen || IG

Starring: Apollo Intensa Emozione

By Kevin Stec

Starring: Apollo IE

By Aaron Chung

Starring: Apollo IE

By J.B Photography

Starring: Apollo IE

By Joshua Latchford

Starring: Apollo Intensa Emozione 

By Paul O’Sullivan

Starring: Apollo IE

By Automotiv 66

Starring: Apollo IntensaEmozione

By David Clemente

First Look: The Apollo Intensa Emozione “IE”

After many months of pure dedication, Apollo Automobil has announced that the Apollo IE, its flagship hyper-car, is ready to meet the world.

Quick stats:

  • Naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V12 engine.
  • At 300kph it produces 1,350kg+ of downforce.
  • Boasts aerodynamic efficiency in excess of 3.0.
  • Capable of lateral forces in excess of 2.0+G and VMAX of 335km/h.
  • 780 HP with 9,000 rpm redline and torque of 760 Nm.
  • Top speed of 335kph (208 mph).
  • Production is limited to 10 units.

The base price is 2.3 million euros, or just under $2.7 million US dollars.